Gender Theme Group

The Gender Theme Group provides an avenue for the United Nations (UN) System in Namibia to be fully unified and

coordinated in providing support to Republic of Namibia and its partners. The overall purpose of the Gender Theme

Group is to provide a forum for a joint UN strategic response to promote gender equality and equity, and specifically to:

Enhance strategic positioning of the UN System in the debate and capacity development efforts that strengthen the UN System support to collaborating partners in and outside the Government of Namibia Create a platform for debate and capacity development within the UN System on gender and gender mainstreaming to enhance coherence and synergy between UN agencies for a more coordinated and strengthened support to the government of Namibia programmes and policies that enhance gender equality, gender policy application and cross ministerial gender mainstreaming. Enhance the capacity and understanding of the United Nations Development Action Framework (UNDAF) working groups and managerial and technical staff within the UN to provide leadership, guidance and facilitation in developing gender specific and gender sensitive programmes/projects and monitoring systems and integrating standards set in the gender score card. Share and discuss UN agency strategies and programmes that address gender equality with a view to ensuring stronger coherency, consistency, coordination and harmonization of the UN support on gender. Provide guidance to and strengthen overall UN System in Namibia’s performance on gender equality and mainstreaming gender into all programmes and activities when called upon and found appropriate. Introduce to the broader UN System in Namibia new thinking on gender and gender mainstreaming, successful initiatives and best practices from other countries in the region and beyond that may expand and enhance the Namibian strategies and approaches on gender. Help to establish a gender monitoring framework with progress indicators for use by the UN agencies in Namibia.

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