Resident Coordinator Office

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About the Resident Coordinator

A United Nations Resident Coordinator is the highest United Nations official and the chief of UN diplomatic mission in a country (except when there is a mission of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations or similar, in which case the Special Representative of the Secretary- General is the highest official). It confers the same rank as an Ambassador of a foreign state. The resident coordinator is the designated representative of the UN secretary general and leader of United Nations Country Team of Agencies such as UNICEF, WHO and WFP. The function is usually performed by the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme.  

More Information about the Resident Coordinator System:

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UN Resident Coordinator’s Office

The Resident Coordinators Office provides support to the RC/UNCT’s roles and efforts in coordinating the work of the UN system at the country level. The office works in close collaboration with the UN programme and operations teams of the Agencies, UNDGO staff and Government officials, technical advisors and experts, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society ensuring successful implementation of UNCT activities. The RCO also acts as a first port-of-call to provide services and support to the Government and other stakeholders such as the Private Sector, Civil Society Organisations and other Development Partners. Specifically, the RCO supports 10 core coordination functions performed by RCs and UNCT which include: Strategic analysis and planning; Oversight of the UN country programming cycle; Representation of and support of UN Secretariat and UN agencies/NRAs; Support to national coordination systems and processes; Development and management of shared operational support services; Crisis management and preparedness response; External communication and advocacy; Human rights and development; Joint resource mobilization and fund management; and, General UNCT oversight and management.
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