Message from the Resident


Kiki Gbeho, UN Resident Coordinator

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the United Nations (UN) System in Namibia website. These are exciting yet challenging times at the United Nations and I hope our portal creates an opportunity for our valued visitors around the world to learn more about UN operations, strategies, services, sustainability initiatives, and values. This website is part of the United Nation Country Team (UNCT) in Namibia’s commitment to transparency and open communications with all our stakeholders as well as to the wider public interested in our work We have integrated various social media into the site in order to ensure that the UN message reaches as many visitors as possible. Our website reflects towards the overall objective of implementing “Delivering as One. The website is a testimony of the long standing partnership between the United Nations and the Republic of Namibia which dates back to 1946 and which culminated in the UN Security Council Resolution 435 and Namibia’s independence which the country achieved on 21 March 1990.
The UN has worked with Namibia since independence, supporting the country’s ambition to reduce poverty, ensure food security, good governance and human rights, improve the country’s education and health standards, combat HIV/AIDS, protect Namibia’s precious environment, and address any emergencies that may arise. The website demonstrates our commitment to help Namibia meet its Vision 2030 and to deliver on the United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF) 2014 - 2018 which helps guide the UNs work in the country. The UN aspires to be the leading partner in Namibia’s pursuit of its national development vision and goals consistent with internationally agreed standards and norms as well as its mission of availing its expertise for addressing the country’s economic and social inequalities, thus contributing to prosperity, dignity, peace and the full realization of human rights. UNPAF is also a vehicle for strategic partnership and resource planning in support to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  With the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) concluding at the end of 2015, the UN will continue to build on the momentum generated by the MDGs and carry on with the post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda. Much has been achieved over the past years, yet a lot remains to be done and Namibia’s United Nations team is prepared to do its best to ensure that no Namibian is left behind. This website serves as a valuable gateway to UN in Namibia’s work, and is focused on providing up-to-date and timely information on data, press releases, statistics and real human tales of suffering and loss, hope and ambition. We hope you find the content of this website informational and useful. Kiki Gbeho, United Nations Resident Coordinator - Namibia
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