Dr.   Tharcisse   Barihuta   joined   UNAIDS   in   2009   as   the   first   UNAIDS Country   Coordinator   in   Djibouti   and   was   appointed   UNAIDS   Country Director   in   Namibia   in   August   2013.   Under   Dr   Tharcisse   Barihuta,   the UNAIDS    office    and    UN    joint    Team    on    HIV/AIDS    in    Djibouti    were established.   Through   the   UN   Joint   Programme   of   Support   on   HIV/AIDS response    Djibouti    and    Namibia    have    done    a    lot    of    progress    by organising    better    the    National    response    based    on    evidence    and resources were mobilised and better used. The   main   responsibilities   for   UNAIDS   Country   Director   are   1.   Provide strategic   guidance   and   advocacy   for   better   plannification   of   National response    2.    Advocate    for    political    commitment    and    civil    society participation   particularly   people   living   with   HIV/AIDS   and   3.   mobilise technical,   financial   resources   for   better   implementation   of   HIV/AIDS response. Dr.   Tharcisse   Barihuta   is   a   Medical   Doctor,   Internal   medicine   specialist, Tropical   disease,   HIV/AIDS   and   Public   health   specialist   with   nearly   20 years’   experience   in   the   AIDS   response.   His   engagement   ranges   from providing   medical   care   to   people   living   with   HIV   in   1990s   for   ten   years in   different   hospitals   and   in   Management   of   Health   programmes   related to   Communicable   diseases   particularly   Malaria   and   HIV/AIDS   response in    his    Native    Country    –    BURUNDI.    Before    joining    UNAIDS,    Dr.
Tharcisse    Barihuta    serves    in    various    capacity    at    National    and International   levels.   He   was   an   International   Consultant   working   with Global    Fund    against   AIDS,    Tuberculosis    and    Malaria,    supporting Djibouti    Government    since    2006    until    2009.    Prior    to    this,    Dr. Tharcisse   Barihuta   was   the   Technical   Director   of   BURUNDI   National Council    against    HIV/AIDS    ,    overseeing    strategic    direction    and assisting   the   Minister   in   Charge   of   HIV/AIDS   response   under   the coordination     of     the     State     House     in     implementing     BURUNDI HIV/AIDS   Response.   He   had   also   participated   in   development   and implementation   of   Great   Lakes   initiative   on   HIV/AIDS   involving   six countries    of    Central    and    East   African    Countries    namely    Burundi, DRC,   Kenya,   Uganda,   Rwanda   and   Tanzania.   The   initiative   helped the    six    countries    to    strengthen    access    to    HIV/AIDS    services    for mobiles,    refugees    and    populations    living    around    different    cross borders.   Born,   raised   and   educated   in   Burundi   and   in   France,   Dr. Tharcisse   Barihuta   completed   his   medical   studies   at   the   Medical School   in   Burundi   University.   He   holds   a   PHG   in   Internal   medicine and   a   degree   in   tropical   diseases   and   HIV/AIDS   from   the   University of   Bordeaux   2   in   France   and   a   MPH   from   University   of   Nancy   in France. He speaks French, English, Swahili and Kirundi.
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