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The Department of Safety and Security is responsible for providing leadership, operational support and oversight of the security management system, ensure the maximum security for staff and eligible dependants as well as enable the safest and most efficient conduct of the programmes and activities of the United Nations System. The United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) was formally established on 1 January 2005.Since that time, the Department has been dedicated to performing the following functions: To support and enable the effective
conduct of United Nations activities by ensuring a coherent, effective and timely response to all security-related threats and other emergencies; To ensure effective risk mitigation through the establishment of a coordinated security threat and risk assessment mechanism within the framework of a common, system-wide methodology; To develop high-quality, best-practise security policies, standards and operational procedures across the United Nations system, including the appropriate degree of standardization; To support implementation and monitor compliance with those security policies, standards and operational procedures; To ensure the most cost-effective provision and employment of security personnel by taking advantage of economies of scale and through centrally directed recruitment, selection, training, deployment and career development.



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Emergency update: Road safety in Namibia is a concern

UN Namibia: Namibia is regrettably one of the frontrunners in motor vehicle accident deaths percapita in the world. Death on the Roads, based on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015, found that there were 23.9 deaths per 100,000 residents in Namibia. “Road safety in Namibia is definitely a matter of concern – if you look at it statistically and compare it globally,” said Johnny Katzao, the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) Local Security Assistant for Namibia. Katzao commends the Namibian Government for the maintenance of national roads in its attempt to protect its people, but states that due to drivers’ negligence, this has become a double-edged sword. “We have one of the best road infrastructures in Africa, and maintenance thereof, but this positive development is being misused by road users. Drivers are speeding on the roads which is causing fatalities,” Katzao rationalises, urging all Namibians to seriously consider the importance of road safety.
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UN Namibia pledges to #slowdown to promote road safety

UN Namibia: In light of the Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week (UNGRSW), the UN System in Namibia joined the private sector in Windhoek to rally support for the “Save Lives: #SlowDown” campaign. The Fourth UNGRSW started on 8 May and will run until 14 May 2017. It seeks to increase understanding of the dangers of speed and generate action to address this major risk for road traffic death and injury. As part of an interactive street exhibition, the UN System set up a stand at the event alongside other stakeholders. UN Staff members as well as members of the public made pledges to #slowdown.
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