Dr.   Charles   Sagoe-Moses   is   the   Representative   of   the   World   Health Organization    (WHO)    country    office    in    Windhoek,    Namibia    since March 2017. Dr.      Sagoe-Moses      provides      WHO’s      strategic,      policy      and programmatic    guidance    towards    the    health    sector    of    Namibia. Together    with    his    country    office    team    and    along    with    health development   partners,   he   supports   the   Ministry   of   Health   and   Social Services   in   its   reform   agenda   to   strengthen   the   health   system   and deliver improved health outcomes. Prior   to   his   arrival   in   Windhoek,   he   was   the   WHO   Representative   in The    Gambia    since    2013.    He    also    served    as    the    Acting    WHO Representative     in     Eritrea     and     the     acting     Programme     Area Coordinator    (PAC)    for    Food    Safety    and    Nutrition    at    the    WHO Regional   Office   for   Africa   (WHO/AFRO).   His   previous   assignments were   Medical   Officer-Nutrition,   Breastfeeding   and   Infant   Feeding   at WHO/AFRO.   Prior   to   joining   the   World   Health   Organization   (WHO), he    was    the   Acting    Regional    Director    of    Health    Services    at    the Ministry   of   Health,   Greater   Accra   Region   Administration-Ghana.   He
also   served   as   Deputy   Regional   Director   of   Health   Services   and   Senior Medical   Officer   in   charge   of   Public   Health   in   the   Greater Accra   Region, Ghana. He   is   a   Fellow   of   the   Ghana   College   of   Physicians   and   an   Infectious Disease     Fellow     of     University     of     Virginia     School     of     Medicine: International     Health     Care     Worker     Safety     Centre;     Charlottesville, Virginia,   USA   (1999).   He   has   MSc   from   University   of   Maastrich,   The Netherlands   (1994)   and   MPH   from   the   University   of   Leeds,   UK   (1992). He   had   his   initial   medical   education   (MB   ChB)   from   Kwame   Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana (1988). Charles   enjoys   reading,   football,   and   travelling.   He   and   his   wife   Dr. Isabella Sagoe-Moses have two children, a- boy and a girl.
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